Golos Ptic (golosptic) wrote,
Golos Ptic

Borland всё

In addition, Borland announced today that we will be divesting our IDE product lines, driving even tighter focus on the ALM market. These product lines include our award-winning Borland Developer Studio (Delphi, C++ Builder and C# Builder) and JBuilder. Our intent is to create a standalone business focused on the IDE market, capable of investing in the opportunities that exist for these product lines and advancing developer productivity. Borland’s IDE business requires a distinct business model and focused investments different from our ALM business, which targets the broader software delivery organization. We believe that separating these businesses will enable both to flourish and grow more aggressively through targeted focus and investment. It goes without saying that we will do everything possible to ensure a successful transition of our products and customers to the new entity.
А то, что будет после этого - это уже не Борланд.


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