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Не верю я, конечно, в такую благотворительность со стороны IBM.
Но чем чёрт не шутит? В конце концов, прецедент с VM имел место быть...
The reason that you receive this mail is
because that you signed the OS2 World.Com
petition to make IBM open source OS2.
This is ONE (1) time e-mail only.

In april 2005, OS2 World.com started a petition to try to convince IBM to release OS/2 as open source to the current
customers that want to keep OS/2 and for those long-time users who are considering migrating to another OS.

The petition was signed by 11.613 people and sent (2005.11.01) to IBM.

The current status is that we have sent of the petition (as a letter accompanied by a CD) to Sam Palmisano, CEO at IBM
including copies to Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Jan Ekesiцц, Nicholas Donofino and Steve Mills. The final count of valid
signatures by the closure of the petition was 11.613! So the question here is if IBM corporation can ignore almost 12.000
people or if they at least will make a statement about the topic since there has been a huge interest from the media as
well. We will keep you informed if we get any kind of information or reaction from IBM Corp.

As of today, the 23 of December 2005, IBM does not sell OS/2 anymore, with standard support ending on december 31st,
2006. But for the OS2 community this has been a fact since many years already. Due to this, Serenity Systems International
(USA) developed eComStation, an OEM version of OS2. eComStation is distributed by Mensys BV (The Netherlands). eComStation
is still under very active development, a beta version of eComStation 2.0 has just been released and a Demo CD can be
freely downloaded for evaluation. Serenity also initiated the development of OpenOffice.org for OS/2 and eComStation to
provide users with a current and compatible office suite. From SciTech Software Inc brought us the universal graphics
driver SciTech SNAP Graphics driver with support for the latest graphics hardware in one simple to install package. From
Netlabs.org there are several ongoing projects; the UniAud - universal audio support for a wide range of audio chips, as
well as the GenMac Wrapper driver that acts as a wrapper for Windows NIC and wifi drivers so one can use them on OS/2 and
eComStation. InnoTek (Germany) and Golden Code Development Corp (USA) have their respective releases of J2SETM platform
for OS2 and eComStation.

OS2 World.Com has recently initiated a Bounty System where corporations and individuals can sponsor development projects,
as well as make suggestions of needed new projects. This project is organized together with OS2 User Group in Sweden -
which puts in time to handle the system, and funds many of the bounties.

In short: development is far from dead when it comes to OS/2 and eComStation. It would be great if we could achieve to
get (parts of) the OS/2 source code revealed and sincerely hope that this petition at least will open up a dialog with IBM
regarding this topic.

The entire OS2 World.Com staff would like to thank everyone that has signed the petition

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Kim Haverblad

Webmaster & Founder

OS2 World.Com - Sweden

More information can be found at following links:

- - OS2 World.Com - http://www.os2world.com

- - OS2 World Bounty System - http://www.os2world.com/bounties/

- - Serenity Systems International - http://www.serenity-systems.com

- - Mensys BV - http://wwww.mensys.nl

- - SciTech Software Inc - http://www.scitechsoft.com

- - Netlabs.org - http://www.netlabs.org

- - InnoTek - http://www.innotek.de

- - Golden Code Development Corp - http://www.goldencode.com

- - eComStation - http://www.eComStation.com

- - eComStation Demo CD request - http://www.eComStation.com/democd

- - Original letter to IBM - http://www.os2world.com/petition/os2world_petition_2005.pdf

If you would like to subscripe for further
information about OS2 and eComstation,
please then add yourself to our mailing
list at http://www.os2world.com

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